7th February


Hello my fellow Potterheads!

First off, I am SO happy that I’ve gotten so much incredible feedback from my Shit Potterheads Say video. I read every single one of your YouTube comments and it makes me so happy that I’m not the only insane Potter-nerd out there!

Now, in my video I say a line- ‘JAMES POTTER YOU JERK I HATE YOU’ and I must say, it has caused a lot of controversy that I was not expecting. 

Do I personally hate James Potter? No. Are you kidding me. He helped birth Harry Freakin’ Potter. Would Harry have looked good with long, greasy black hair (not counting Goblet of Fire Daniel Radcliffe movie hair). HELL NO.

That line was supposed to go with the whole ‘watching the prince’s tale theme’ and for me, when I was watching the Prince’s Tale my inner Snape-loving self exploded. I think that was Jo’s intention on showing us that entire sequence- to question if Snape should have ended up with Lily all along. 

So during that moment of Snape-love when he was dying and I was looking back on his memories I DID hate James Potter. Just like I hated James Potter when I read about how he bullied Snape back in the fifth book. 

But for ALL THE OTHER TIMES when I am reading about James and Lily’s love and their love for Harry and how brave they both were to sacrifice themselves for him do I hate James Potter?

I say again- HELL. NO.

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